The Showstoppers’ Family Hour

Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)

2 - 13 august (Season complete, but The Showstoppers main show continues at 22:30)

Start time 14:00

Running time 60 minutes

Tickets £7.50 - £10

Online Bookings:
Venue | Fringe | Comedy Festival

Phone Bookings:
Venue 0131 622 6552
Fringe 0131 226 0000

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The show is a blast. It makes your jaw drop in impressed amazement and your ribs ache with laughter. Simultaneously a pastiche, a parody and a paean to musical theatre.

mail on sunday

Awe-inspiring and very very funny.


Astonishing. Showstopper! has everything you could want from a blockbuster musical. It just happens to be made up on the spot.


A brand new musical adventure made up on the spot at every show. For kids, and parents who behave like kids too! Shout out your ideas, or come and join in. See Comedy section for our original Spirit Of The Fringe Award-winning show, The Showstoppers' Improvised Musical, playing 10.30pm nightly.


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