Don’t Wake Me – The Ballad Of Nihal Armstrong with Jaye Griffiths

Gilded Balloon Teviot (Venue 14)

5 - 25 August (Not 13 & 20 august)

Start time 12:10

Running time 65 minutes

Tickets £9 - £12

Online Bookings:
Venue | Fringe | Comedy Festival

Phone Bookings:
Venue 0131 622 6552
Fringe 0131 226 0000

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‘Spellbinding, heartening… a unique theatrical experience.'

Prunella Scales / Timothy West

'An extraordinary piece of work… brave, complex and funny, and incredibly moving.'

Roy Williams, Writer

The deeply moving, often funny love story of a mother's fight for her intelligent, disabled and silent son. After Baby Nihal's terrifying delivery, his mother's backbone 'lost its steel' when the doctor predicts this smiling baby will never communicate with her. But Nihal proves the doctors wrong.


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